All Who Are Weary

I am so weary.
Weary can be defined as a lack of strength, energy, or freshness because of a need for rest. During this finals week of my last semester of my freshman year, I am weary. This feeling has been something that the devil has been trying to use against me over the course of this whole school year. He has tried to twist it and make me feel ashamed or guilty for not feeling strong, energetic or new. But that condemnation, is not at all within the heart of Jesus. Something that has really helped me throughout this week is the song Oxygen by Steffany Gretzinger. This song is a really great reminder of who God is. He is not angry or upset with me because I feel weary. In fact, Jesus himself said, “Come to me all who are weary, and I will give you rest.” It is okay to not feel on top of the world all of the time. In the song it says, “You are my oxygen. You’re making me want to live again. Sometimes my very best, Is only my weakest yes. You see strength in every movement. Baby steps and short breaths, Anything is progress. You sustain my every moment.” Those words just paint a beautiful picture of God’s heart towards the weary ones. He is the place in which you should seek rest, and you will find it. He will sustain you. 

He is so faithful.

The Fathers love

Hello friends! It’s been a while.

Not to say that God hasn’t been working in my heart these past few months, its just that I didn’t really make time to share it out on the internet. But here I am! I’ve missed this.

Bethels new album Starlight came out today. I am in LOVE. Every song is soaked in Gods goodness and his presence. You cannot help but feel at peace when you listen to them. There was one song in particular that really struck some chords in my heart, which is why I decided to whip out this blog again. As I was scrolling through the albums songs I came across one that had an unfamiliar name. The name of the song is called “For the one”. The song is about living our lives with Jesus shining through our every move. Theres a line in particular that I found to be really reassuring.

“Even in just a smile, they will feel the fathers love”.  How great is that truth? Something as simple as a warm smile can invite the fathers love into someones heart.

Talking to people about Jesus can be scary sometimes. Like physically moving our mouths and talking out loud. We stutter, forget what to say, or simply may just freeze up in fear. Even though we know how He is good and how He has done amazing things in our lives,  building up the courage to put all of it in too words can be hard. This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t speak up and physically tell people about Jesus- we most definitely should do that. But what I love about this song is that it touches the point that our actions should evoke how wonderful and good God is. Another line is “Help me to love with open arms like you do”.  When we show kindness and compassion to someone- it makes a difference.  People notice that you have this “thing” about you. That you are exceptionally kind and compassionate towards those around you. They may not straight up say “I can see Jesus in you!” but what someone might say is “You are always so nice!” and they may follow that up by asking why. I know people who don’t know Gods goodness yet, but I still love on them. I still open my arms to them and try my best to choose my actions so they will feel that joy around me. When we hear that we need to be like Jesus, that may sound a little intimidating! But it’s really pretty simple. Jesus is loving, and kind, he is slow to anger and quick to listen, he is patient and observant. We can all choose to be these things!

Friends, brothers and sisters in Jesus, lets strive to open arms in kindness, and let all we do lead to how wonderful our father is. Like a little girl immitating her daddy, lets immatie our father in love, compassion, grace, and with a smile.

– He’s got the whole world in his hands, and that includes you too. 🙂 Peace out Girl Scouts


It’s 3 am. The house is quiet, the roads are slick, and  I probably should be asleep right now. But when there’s something on my heart right now it just can’t wait until tomorrow.

Have you ever been so anxious about something that it consumes all your thoughts? If so- I’ve been there. Pretty recently too. I caught a stomach flu bug a week ago and it was the absolute WORST thing ever. The reason why it was terrible was that I didn’t even know it was the stomach flu until 3 days into it. So for three days I had no control over my body and it scared me. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. Because of that, my mind took a trip to overthinking land- (sound familiar?) and dug up every single scary thing that could have been wrong with me. I couldn’t think straight because i was so wrapped up in fear. I eventually figured out it was the flu, but it contintued to wreak havoc on my system for another 4 days. During these days I had cried out to God endlessly. Asking to just heal me from whatever I had and to take away this fear that had consumed me.

What I didn’t know was that God had been using this sickness as a way to bring me to a place of complete and utter surrender to Him and to ring me closer to Him in ways that I haven’t reached before. I was honestly upset at God. I did NOT understand why he let me go through so much anxiety and pain and not do anything about it.

One of the nights my mind became wrapped up in the anxiety of it all, I asked one of my good friends to pray for me. So right there in my room we prayed. Then she said something to me that completely changed my perspective of that whole week. She said that God yearns for us to come to him and just TALK to him. To flat out just tell him what we’re thinking. God is our friend and our confidant. And although he already knows what we’re thinking,  our relationship becomes more intimate when we bring our thoughts to Him.  She also mentioned that maybe God was trying to tell me something through this. Maybe that’s why being healed right away wasn’t the answer. And what If there is more to this then just getting over this stomach bug?

I took this to heart. The next day I read in my daily devotional something about spending quality time with God. I love spending quality time with the people that I love. So why should I leave God out of that picture? I filled my room with sounds of my favorite worship music and journaled to my hearts content. Quite literally spilling out everything I was feeling to Him. I began to flip pages in my Womens study bible and found a small section on the margins that were Gods words of his love and faithfulness pouring out to me. It read:
Questioning God sounds blasphemous to some people. They might say, “How dare you? Who do you think you are, that you can come before God and question him? But I don’t think being honest with God is blasphemous at all. I believe God wants us to be honest because he wants a real relationship with us, not something plastic or halfhearted…I believe God much prefers  to have his children come before him and say, “God, this makes NO sense to me, I hurt SO badly. I just don’t understand.  I don’t think I”ll ever understand, but, God, I love and trust You, and I rest in the fact that You know how I feel…I can’t understand what is happening to me, but help me to glorify you through it all.” 

Wow. I basically started sobbing my eyes out. This random passage I came across felt like God’s direct words to my heart. Within seconds I felt a blanket of peace wash over me. How great is this hope we have in Jesus?  Friends, whatever your’e going through, or even not going through right now, remember these things. Remember that God is ALWAYS in your corner. He is faithful even when you can’t see the fruit of it yet. And he loves to hear our hearts cry out to him. You are safe in his hands. And when you feel like he’s letting go he is most definitely holding on the tightest.



weary ones


This post is for the weary ones. The ones who are currently under a pile of blankets with their homework laid out- but not touched. This is for the ones who had day that was not up to par and now all of a sudden they can’t get out of this bad funk. This is for the ones who cant seem to get it right. Whatever “it” may be.  This is for the ones who just feel blah. And yes, you can feel “blah”. 

Friends, I am here writing you this only 45 minutes after I had a desperate cry out of weariness. I was wallowing in all of the mess that I found my self caught in. But here’s the thing. Here is the really freakin cool thing. My mess didn’t change. My circumstances are still here. But God came in the midst of my mess and changed the circumstances of my heart. We sing the song “It is well with my soul” and it talks about having peace in the midst of the storm. Let me tell ya something. God wants to be IN your mess in YOUR storm. Let him change you heart. Your circumstances may change or they may not but there is something that is much much bigger than your mess becoming undone. Inviting God into your mess. Invite Him into your “blah” days. He loves loves loves to shower His precious children (aka us) with His immeasurable and supernatural peace. So gals and boy pals, take heart. The God of the ages is in love with you and always always wants to be apart of your mess.

-He’s got the whole world in His hands, and that includes you too.

see ya when I see ya – Christina

Doing that trusting in God thing again

13731612_1071105822937614_5071548326105309007_nHello avid (or not at all avid) readers! I’m glad God directed you to read this blog at THIS very moment. Whether It’s tonight, September 25, 2016, or sometime in the middle of December when your’e eating soup. The point of the matter is, I am glad your’e here. 🙂


“Trust God in the midst of ALL of your situations.” Don’t stop reading now. I know this just sounds like a cheesy quote that christian clothing companies put on t-shirts and what you see in Instagram bios. This is not something we should let play as a broken record in our heads. It should be played like a beautiful symphony over our lives.  Recently in my life I had to deal with trusting God with those I love. And let me tell ya- trusting God to take over and take full care over people I love most was R O U G H. I know, I know, “But he’s GOD, so why do we have to worry with trusting Him with the people in our lives?” yeah, we shouldn’t. But ya girl here lost sight of that for a while. And it was hard. When you see the raw emotions of those you love, see their situations, know their perspectives, but at the very same time you know you have absolutely nothing to do with any of it, that just makes it all the more difficult to not want to step in and fix it. (At least, that’s how I felt.) There was conflict and It just made me feel sick to my stomach. I was not involved in the situation directly, but I was still aware of it, and I felt the burden of it. As humans, we feel the tendency to fix these situations. We recognize conflict and we think we can piece it back together. Well news flash, we aren’t the ones that piece it all back together. That’s our heavenly fathers job.

It took lots, and lots, and lots, and lots of praying to fully surrender it all to God. But friends, oh sweet friends. There is something SO amazing about giving God everything that is weighing you down in life. He is faithful and He is so good. I was so wrapped up in the conflict and fear of the situation that I had forgotten that truth. As soon as I took my eyes off of Jesus, I began to sink into my circumstances. And until I finally surrendered everything to Him, I kept sinking. In the midst of this season I was in I found this in the devotional that I’m going through called “His Princess- love letters from your king” (10/10 deff recommend to ANY girl, any age). This is from Gods perspective to us.

“My princess- trust me with those you love. (Like, okay God I hear ya loud and clear)  “I know your heart, and I know how much you love those close to you. I am your Creator and the Giver of every good gift. I have given you loved ones to share your life with. But you, My child, must remember, that those you love ultimately belong to me- not you. I didn’t give you those special relationships to tear you apart or to control you through fear of the I future. Like Abraham did with his only son, Isaac, I need you to open your heart and give back to Me those you love. Trust Me with everything that concerns you regarding them. Place your hand in Mine, and I promise I will walk you- and your loved ones- through all things this life brings. Love, Your trustworthy king.                                                                           Was that not the most encouraging thing ever?? Friends, God’s plan is so so so much better than ours- even when we cant’ see it right away.  So if you’re in a place right now where you’re needing to just surrender your situation to Jesus, then you need to take a deep breath (seriously, do it) and tell Jesus that HE’S got this, and that you’re surrendering all of it to Him.

He’s got the whole world in His hands, that includes you too.

Live well, pals.






A new season amongst us

This was taken at Palmers Lake, a beautiful hiking area in Colorado Springs. Doesn’t it look unreal?? 

Jesus my rescuer. That’s what he has been to me in this season of my life. Because in reality, the things of this world are never comparable to the joy that He brings me. When I was in sticky situations he heard my hearts cry and came. And these situations weren’t even that sticky- but to me they were. They were my own insecurities and troubles, and confusion, and doubt, and worry, that HE saved me from. No one else. Over this past few months I’ve been finding my way back to where my true identity stands- in my heavenly father. No one understands me better than he does and i am SO thankful for that. I cherish my friends who do get me and are there for me (S/O to y’all, you know who you are) but there is something so special to know that the God of the whole entire UNIVERSE knows your deepest concerns, your smallest worries, and the inner desires of your heart.

I just began my freshman year as a college student (when did THAT happen?) one of my best friends just started a new adventure in CO,  and another one of my close friends began an adventure in MA. This has been a few months of new seasons and new transitions. What I’ve gathered from these is that we just need to be still in the presence of God and He will take care of the rest. He will come to our weary hearts and mend them whole. So here’s to new things, new adventures, and a new season.

-Christina 🙂

P.S  S/O to my girl Margret- you’re beautiful and the keep slaying newspaper like you know you do! Stay sweet.